Privacy policy

Privacy policy

GODO SHIGEN Co., Ltd., (hereinafter referred to as the Company) shall respect the privacy of the persons who use the website, pay meticulous attention to the management of the personal information of users to handle the information.

Intended Use of the Personal Information

The Company, when acquiring the personal information, shall define the intended use and the scope of use and acquire according to the legitimate and fair means. In addition, the Company, when there is a possibility of providing or depositing the information to a third party, shall explain the purpose, the party to which the information is provided, etc, in advance and take actions after obtaining consent.

Management and Protection of Personal Information

The Company has taken the protection means for managing the personal information of the users in an adequate and safe manner and protecting fraudulent accesses from outside to the personal information, fraudulent use thereof, etc.

Provision of the Personal Information to Third Party

The Company, in principle, does not provide the personal information to third party without obtaining the consent of the person. The Company may provide the personal information to the outside entrusted dealer for the purposes including entrustment of data processing. If this is the case, the Company shall take adequate means such as the non-disclosure agreement.

It should be noted, however, that the Company may provide the personal information to third party for the cases described below:

The Company is requested with lawful reason by a courthouse, Public Prosecutor's Office, police or an institute that has the authority pursuant thereto to disclose the personal information.The Company is expressly requested by the principal user to disclose or provide the personal information to third party. The disclosure or the provision of the personal information is permitted by laws and regulations.

Revision of the Privacy Policy

The Company may revise the privacy policy as required. Should an important revision occur, the Company shall announce the issue on the website of the Company for a certain period of time so that the revised point can be made clear.

Inquiry on the Personal Information

The inquiry on the disclosure, correction, deletion, etc. of the personal information should be sent to the following contact address.
Phone +81-475-32-1111
General Affairs Section, General Affairs Division