Natural Gas Business


Production in Chiba for Consumption in Chiba Clean natural gas is produced in Chiba to be consumed in Chiba.


We stably supply natural gas which is earth-friendly clean energy.

Natural gas is a clean energy source that is friendly to the earth and people, and can reduce environmental impacts such as global warming and air pollution. Natural gas is one of the few energy sources produced in Japan, and we have a great social responsibility to be part of supplying it. We will keep making utmost efforts to ensure a safe and stable supply of natural gas.

From Production to Supply

Natural gas and brine are pumped up from underground, and separated by a separator above ground, and then the natural gas is supplied as fuel to households through gas holders and pipelines by using compressors.


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Gas feed compressor

Relationship with Iodine

Natural gas dissolved in brine due to pressure deep underground turns into a gas and is separated from brine when pumped up to the surface. The separator separates the gas and liquid into separate channels, and then the natural gas is supplied to households and factories to be consumed as fuel. On the other hand, brine containing iodine is recovered in liquid form to an iodine plant where it is turned into various iodine products.

Relationship with Iodine

Safe and stable supply with Telemetering System

The operation phases covering from production to supply of gas are bulk-controlled by the telemetering system. Since the gas supply operations are totally controlled with computers, safe and stable supply is ensured.

Gas Control Center

There are more than 50 plants that integrate various compressors, pumps, and control equipment. Each plant is connected to the central monitoring room at the Chiba Works by a telemeter system to ensure a stable supply through constant remote monitoring.

Effective Utilization of Energy

We are working together with local communities to make use of the plants for cogeneration.

Supplying Natural Gas and Brine to Mutsuzawa Smart Wellness Town

Mutsuzawa Smart Wellness Town
Provided by: Mutsuzawa Smart Wellness Town Co., Ltd.

The hot bath facility at the roadside station “Mutsuzawa Smart Wellness Town Michi-no-Eki Tsudoi-no-Sato,” which opened in September 2019, uses brine as a natural hot spring, and natural gas as fuel.

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