Corporate Philosophy

We will contribute to the development of a sustainable society as a cheerful and open company based on respect for people, a creative company full of vitality, and a company that coexists with the community.

Management Policy


We will make strenuous efforts to supply the products that satisfy customers' needs with fair prices and in a stable way.


We will make strenuous efforts to continue the good relationship of trust and aim to cooperate with the local communities.


We will make continuous efforts to develop proprietary technologies that can deal with changes in the corporate environment.


We will constantly strive for improvement through communication and create a rewarding and cheerful workplace.


We will consider conservation of the natural environment and contribute to the development of a sustainable society.


We will aim to be a company that is trusted by all stakeholders and society in general.

In line with the Corporate Philosophy and the Management Policy, we formulate the medium- and long-term business plan for every three years and take actions to follow up the plan every year on a company-wide level.