Quality Policy

Basic Philosophy

We will contribute to the development of a sustainable society as a cheerful and open company based on respect for people, a creative company full of vitality, and a company that coexists with the community.

Quality Policy


We will clearly define the policy of customer-driven operations, develop our own quality management, and continue tireless efforts for improving quality, thereby aiming to be the company that is trusted by investors, customers and society in general.


We will observe various laws and regulations that are related to our business activities, promote the recycling business of iodine to effectively utilize natural resources, and contribute to various fields of society, while having the viewpoint of environmental preservation.


To promote the activities of the quality management system, we will define the quality objectives, review the objectives according to the evaluation of the achievement level thereof, continuously improve them through internal audits, and provide quality products that satisfy the customers' requirements at fair prices in a stable way.


We will disseminate and understand the quality policy among all employees through education, training, internal notices, etc., continuously improve the quality management system through communication, thereby striving for the rewarding and cheerful workplace.


We will continuously make tireless efforts regarding R&D activities so that we can deal with changes in the corporate environment, review the quality policy as required and develop the better quality management system.