We are a comprehensive natural resource and chemical manufacturer offering iodine and iodine compounds as the core products.

Since Its founding in 1934, we have been a pioneer in the production of iodine and suppling high-quality, high cost-effective iodine products and clean natural gas.

At present, we contribute to the development of its customers and local communities through providing them with comprehensive solutions based on the four core businesses including iodine, iodine compounds, recycling of iodine and natural gas.

Four Business of GODO SHIGEN
Blowing-out plant that extracts and condensesiodine

We manufacture high-quality iodine with the blowing-out method.

The groundwater called brine pumped up from the ground contains iodine ion having the concentration of 2,000 times the seawater. We at GODO SHIGEN employed the blowing-out method to manufacture high-quality iodine. Our blowing-out plant has the largest production capacity in Japan as a single plant and it covers about 7% of the demand in the world.

Our iodine has established a very good reputation as the GODO Brand all over the world.

Photo: Blowing-out plant that extracts and condenses iodine

We manufacture various types of organic and inorganic iodine compounds.

We manufacture high-quality and high cost-effective organic and inorganic iodine component products and the products are widely used in the electronics field including polarizing films, industrial fields including catalysts, food and agriculture fields including feed additives, in addition to the core pharmaceutical fields.

Furthermore, we have multi-functional manufacturing facilities, which enable us to comply with various customer needs, including sales of general-purpose products, contracted manufacturing and proposal-type of manufacturing.

Photo: Inorganic iodine manufacturing plant (left) and organic iodine compounds manufacturing plant (right)

Inorganic iodine manufacturing plant and organic iodine compounds manufacturing plant

We execute recycling of iodine, thereby effectively utilizing the natural resources.

Submerged combustion equipment and electrodialysis device

To rapidly respond to the customers' Economic and environmental needs, we have been among the first to work on recycling of iodine from the used solution of iodine. To utilize precious natural resources further effectively, we strive for recycling of iodine by using environmentally friendly state-of-the-art technologies.

Furthermore, jointly with the customers who are promoting recycling, we engage in the establishment of the shared iodine recycling system.

Photo: Submerged combustion equipment (left) and electrodialysis device(right)

We produce clean natural gas from the underground brine.

The Minami-Kanto Gas Field, which is mostly in Chiba Prefecture, is the deposit of Natural Gas dissolved in water that boasts one of the largest-size gas fields in Japan. It produces clean natural gas boasting 99.0% or over methane purity and the reserve is assumed about 800 years.

With the batch management utilizing the telemetering system, we established the stable and safe supply system from the natural gas well to customers.

Photo: Gas holding tank in which natural gas is stored

Gas holding tank in which natural gas is stored

We are challenging the comprehensive solutions by proactively promoting the R&D activities.

Techno Research Center and Technology Development Center

We have been proactively excuting R&D activities by fully utilizing our various know-how and advanced technical capabilities.

We are continually pursuing potential characteristics of iodine through the development of new products and improvement of processes, by utilizing experimental and medium-size testing facilities that can deal with the laboratory level operations up to medium experimental scale operations and by fully utilizing the advanced analytical devices.

Photo: Techno Research Center (left) and Technology Development Center (right)

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